Hal Hartley

Still Lives

Exhibition dates: Mar 9th - Apr 29th, 2013

In the two and a half decades since his arrival on the independent film scene, Hal Hartley has emerged as one of the most impressive and idiosyncratic contempo- rary American film artists, as an astute, witty observer of contemporary society, all while il- luminating the subtle and seismic shifts in American sensibilities in an increasingly globalized world.” Tom McSorley, Canadian Film Institute

Hal Hartley is an acclaimed film-maker who makes highly regarded independent movies and the stills that come from these are literally iconic. Not only portraying real life screen icons like Parker Posey, Martin Donovan & Adrienne Shelly but referent to and containing in a more complete moment, the bigger stories from both on and off screen. The stills encapsulate all of the themes of the larger story—love and death, alienation, crimes of pas- sion—and they serve as a trigger to memory especially for those familiar with the original work. They are signifiers of things that we already know, stories we have already heard, symbols of the bigger picture used to evoke and reawaken memory. This is the true meaning of ‘icon’ as short hand for something far more complex than any one image could convey.

Skink Ink Editions is delighted and honored to present a show of stills from Hal’s movies, 30 in all that will be exhibited in the gallery as prints and will form the basis for an edition that we will be presenting for sale.

Publicity still from ‘The Unbelievable Truth’ 1988