Jonathan Feldschuh

The World Egg

Exhibition dates: September 27th to October 27th, 2013

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The prints in this show originate in data produced by The European Space Agency’s Planck satellite and utilize the most detailed map to date depicting radiation from the Big Bang. As an artist Jonathan’s is work has for the past 20 years grappled with the fundamental nature of life as described by science. He trained as a physicist at Harvard and so has a unique insight into the way that raw scientific data can be modeled into real worlds. In this group of works he uses the power of that understanding to create an image of the beginning of our universe that we can all relate to. The artist took the raw data from the Planck satellite to create his own accurate map of the cosmic microwave background radiation. The resultant swirling forms cover the vast cosmic reaches of the early universe and coalesce into a simple elliptical egg shaped image as though the universal myth of The World Egg has taken finally hold in science itself. He then used the scientific tool of ‘false color’ to his own ends as a device to evoke rather than simply display. 
Universe Baby Picture (installation shot)Microwave Universe (installation shot)
“In the case of Baby Picture of the Universe, I came up with a color spectrum that related to the idea of the infant=universe: pink and blue to suggest the colors of the blankets that newborns are swaddled with in hospitals and chose the image with the Milky Way left in as a “creamy center” like some amazing Fabergé egg about to crack open.”    — Jonathan Feldschuh