Madeline von Foerster


Exhibition dates: Sept 22nd. to Oct 23rd. 2011 

Works from this exhibition are available as an edition. Click on any of the works to go through to a page where the work can be purchased online or access the entire collection here.

Cabinet Edition

In this series Madeline Von Foerster uses the sensuousness and luminosity of 15th century Flemish painting techniques to allure the viewer into an encounter with our problematic relationship to nature. These masterful works originally rendered in tempera paints and glazes have been reproduced as high quality giclée prints on cotton rag paper.

The subject of each work is the environment, more specifically, how we fetishize nature and how we often use it for our own selfish purposes. By placing endangered species within Curiosity Cabinets of the Enlightenment, Madeline evokes an awareness to the truth of our own self-sabotaging, which we often confuse with human progression and technological advancement. Madeline’s tender and laborious renderings of these animals in this series communicates to our own deep-seated compassion for the lives of others without and even the self within.

Redwood Cabinet

The Tale of the Golden Toad

Frog cabinet


Amazon Cabinet

The Mother of the Tree

Invasive Species II